Better consumer exposure with Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence combines
“artificial intelligence” and “human intelligence”
(Computer Vision and Human Intuition) in order to enhance capabilities, improve decision-making, and increase productivity.

Occicor leverages AI to process data, extract insights, and present actionable information, empowering individuals.
It’s a collaborative approach that amplifies human potential with advanced technology.

On Shelf Availability

Improve in-store on shelf availability performance by providing real-time insights

Planogram compliance

Place your products in the right position, not anywhere in the display

Shelf share Monitoring

Continuously measure your shelf share to make sure that you get what you deserve

Complete In-store Execution Solution


Mobile application

Your extended arm in the field. Our mobile app automates data collection, eliminating human error and guesswork.

Web application

Your window of opportunity to monitor what is going on in-store. Observe and modify planograms and SKU-Matrix from your office.

Cloud Servers

The cortex that runs everything. This is where all SKU recognition, business analytics, online-reporting etc. takes place.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clark

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